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Pick and Mix - Purple Haze #1 - Feminised - Non

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Kiss the sky. Dive into a psychodelic timeless experience
that will enlighten your mind and creativity. Her complex
genetics remain confidential.

Created in the USA during the 70s, it became famous because of the Jimmy
Hendrix song. That variety differs greatly to the one offered nowadays by
Positronics as, in the beginning, Purple Haze was characterisied by medium-
low psychoactivity and minimal production. Hazes were too pure to
flower and did not develop adequately. Despite this, it was the most smoked
variety at Woodstock. Since then Positronics have kept this variety a
jealously-guarded secret to relaunch it nearly 40 years later to get you hooked on the hippy generation vibe that we miss so much.

Emormously vigorous plant with large, medium-thickness stems that take on
purple hues. Large internodal distance, similar growth pattern to Claustrum,
dividing out its branches in a fir or candelabra-like fashion thus optimis-
ing the production of floral bunches.Moderate number of large, thin and
jagged leaves. Flowers acquire purple tones with shades varying from violet
to maroon, giving this variety a unique polichromy that is a real visual delight. Will doubtless become the queen of the garden/ growroom.

AROMA: Heady aroma between incense and cinnamon, slightly acidic, very
TASTE: Revolutionary even before the mythical Skunk. Made an impact owing
to its powerful high and bitter-sweet taste. Its complex flavour offers notes
ranging from sweet to spicy with a very incensed aftertaste that lingers on the palate.
EFFECT: Instant high characteristic of sativas that unexpectedly allows the
creative juices to flow. Purple Haze can cause a strange yet nice feeling in
which objects’ (including our own bodies) ability to float is enhanced while
everything is enveloped in a mysterious purple mist ... be aware that this effect may not be enjoyable for beginners.

Banque de graines Non
Sexe Féminisée
Type Non
Type de floraison Photopériode
Temps de floraison (intérieur) Non
Taux de THC Très haute (20% +)
Taux de CBD Medium
Rendement Moyenne
Taille de la plante Medium
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