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Pick and Mix - Caramelice - Feminised - Non

Disponibilité : IN STOCK: De : 10,50 €

New and delicious flavour, almost a candy. A winner that
won’t dissapoint any grower. Her resistance to mold
makes her perfect for all growing conditions and climates.

The skunk’s varieties supposed a successful for the cannabis growing.
Its citric flavour and taste fascinated hundreds of thousands of farmers,
whom continue filling their gardens with these varieties. Positronics has
created a Skunk for the XXI century. Caramelice captures the aroma and
taste of its parents, but it’s more resistant to fungus attacks and faster
flowering, both handicaps of skunk variety.

A powerfully vigorous plant from the very beginning. Fine stems, medium
internodal distance, large quantity of small, light-green, jagged leaves.
During flowering, the plant will fill up with long and large stigmas,
and it is at this point when the real Skunk emerges - don’t say we didn’t
warn you! It will start to acquire its characteristic intense orange colour
by around the fifth week and the buds will become covered in a large quantity
of trichomes, characteristic of Skunk varieties. It will form large towers
of compact buds known as ‘Donkey penises’. The orange colour will become
more intense.
AROMA: orange, lime, lemon ... the whole citrus family contained in one
cannabis variety. Impactful aroma that does not go unnoticed. Highly comme
cial as everyone likes it. Was the most grown variety in the UK and Holland
for a whole decade.
TASTE: The taste and aroma are the key to this variety’s success. It really is
like having a segment of orange in your mouth. Perhaps a dream come true for
all growers.
EFFECT: A very enjoyable euphoric sensation typical of Skunk varieties,
moderately psychoactive, ideal for destressing. Notoriously appetite enhancing.

Banque de graines Non
Sexe Féminisée
Type Non
Type de floraison Photopériode
Temps de floraison (intérieur) Non
Taux de THC Haute (15-20%)
Taux de CBD Medium
Rendement Moyenne
Taille de la plante Medium
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