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L.A. Sorbet is an Indica dominate hybrid that has the perfect blend of LA Confidential and the newly introduced Sorbet! Sweet complex flavours of the world-famous LA Confidential combined with the true smoothness of the Sorbet allows for an intense plant profile.

She produces average buds for her size that are dense and super powerful.

The 8-week flowering time makes for a fast rewarding growing experience.

The L.A Sorbet is definitely at the top of our list.

This smooth tasting, sweet finishing strain is everything that you are looking for in your next crop.

L.A. Sorbet by DNA Genetics is a feminized indica-dominant hybrid with extremely satisfying characteristics. Dense thickets of bulging trichomes give off a complex sweetness, testimony to the rich tapestry of well-bred selections in its family tree: a hint of diesel, a suggestion of wild cherries and gum, smooth florals, and juicy citrus with pine. She is smooth and tasty, going in with a lingering sweetness followed by a pronounced mind-easing euphoria and deep physical relaxation.

Well-branched and sturdy plants grow to a medium height, with a short flowering time of only 8 weeks. Average-sized buds grow dense and solid, and tend toward lavenders and purples as they mature. Resin production accelerates in the final weeks, making aromas intensify and trichomes swell. Generous resin production also promotes a hardy pathogen resistance.

L.A. Sorbet provides an untroubled grow and demands little attention. The rapid flowering time means a rapid turnaround time. By the time the tasty nuggets are cured and in the jar, there isn’t a long wait until the next batch is ready. Harvests are average at 350–450g/m², but the delicious quality makes any kind of yield a true joy. Not that the above amount is anything to complain about!

Plus d’information
SeedbankDNA Genetics
TypeLa plupart Indica
Type de floraisonPhotopériode
Temps de floraison (intérieur)8-9 semaines
Contenu THCTrès haute (20% +)
Contenu du CBDBas
Taille de la planteBas
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