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A collection of rare and special genetics made by those with a passion for preserving the finest and a commitment to only share thoroughly proven and tested varieties.

With a fantastic collection of regular mothers and fathers from near and distant locations we present our Accelerator Line.

From Pure Sativas to Heavy Hitting Indicas and some lovely hybrid crosses inbetween.

'Stick with Accelerator and you will see , smell and taste the difference.'

Accelerator Seeds

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  1. Féminisée (4)
  1. La plupart Indica (3)
  2. Hybride (40/60 - 60/40) (1)
Type de floraison
  1. Photopériode (4)
Temps de floraison (intérieur)
  1. 7-8 semaines (1)
  2. 8-9 semaines (3)
Taux de THC
  1. Haute (15-20%) (4)
Taux de CBD
  1. Low (4)
  1. Moyenne (1)
  2. Grand (3)
Taille de la plante
  1. Medium (4)
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