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Moxie Seeds - Régulières Graines de Cannabis

Moxie Seeds & Extracts are an award winning Los Angeles-based company that focus on has a wide variety of genetics developed specifically for essential oil extraction.

Moxie Seeds is the first seedbank in the world that is breeding for the purpose of extraction. Their strains are tested and true - made for those that are looking for large yields, highly resinous material for extraction, and 8-9 week flowering times. Specializing in both THC dominant and CBD dominant strains, all Moxie Seeds are hand-selected from gardens around the world to be viable strains for extraction based on flavor, potency, and clarity.

Moxie Seeds

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  1. Régulière (2)
  1. La plupart Sativa (1)
  2. Hybride (40/60 - 60/40) (1)
Type de floraison
  1. Photopériode (2)
Temps de floraison (intérieur)
  1. 8-9 semaines (2)
Taux de THC
  1. Haute (15-20%) (2)
Taux de CBD
  1. Low (1)
  2. High (1)
  1. Grand (1)
  2. Ultra (1)
Taille de la plante
  1. Medium (1)
  2. Tall (1)
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