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MOB® aka  Mother of  Berries

The plant is an East coast Legend- brought to Amsterdam by our Boston friend. 

It’s an incredibly fast, short and fat plant.  It looks different then what you are used to-  some purple and crazy pink color and it’s full of terpenes. This 100% Indica gives a very unique flavor, like nothing you’ve ever smelled or tasted before.

The first time we smoked it in Amsterdam we had great time but kept forgetting our keys so we named it “stupid bud”-  be warned- The MOB® is strong medicine!

The first entry ever by MOB® was at the prestigious Expo grow Cannabis Cup in Irun 2015 -  it won 2nd Place in Indica category - much more to come.

T.H. Seeds' creation MOB, a.k.a. Money over Bitches or Mother of all Berries, is unlike any other.

This is a powerful, pure indica strain with a very distinctive smell and flavour. The story goes that it has its origins on the East Coast where it has quite a legendary status. MOB made its way to Amsterdam where she made an impression with her powerful high and medicinal properties. As if to make a point she won 2nd at the Cannabis Cup 2015 in the Indica category.

You don’t need to smoke MOB to get the hint that this one is entirely unique. Its dazzling purple and pink colors make it evident that MOB is unlike anything else. The plant is rich in terpenes, the aromatic compounds responsible for her unique and complex flavour. This is a short and fat plant, but it grows extremely fast. Indoors, she will grow to a height of about 60-100cm. She has a very short flowering time of only 42-55 days. You can expect her to yield 450-550g/m2.

MOB got its legendary status, not without good reason. This one is a very powerful medicinal strain, as you would expect from a true and pure indica!

Plus d’information
Seedbank T.H.Seeds
Sexe Féminisée
Type Indica pur
Type de floraison Photopériode
Temps de floraison (intérieur) 6-7 semaines
Contenu THC Haute (15-20%)
Contenu du CBD Bas
Rendement Grand
Taille de la plante Moyenne
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