Strain of the Week Promo

This week’s strain of the week is brought to you by Amsterdam legend’s Barney's Farm. For some, it is not canals, clogs and bikes but the Barney’s brand that springs to mind when thinking of Amsterdam. Barney’s farm is the producer of some of the most popular strains in the world and is for the first time releasing regular cannabis seeds.

To celebrate this ability to search for the perfect mother plant, Amsterdam Seed center has selected Critical Kush regular for this week’s strain of the week. It was a best seller in feminized form and we see no reason why the regular version will be any different.

Barneys took Critical Mass of Mr Nice fame and crossed it with their very own OG Kush. The fusion of these two distinguished sets of genetics may well be an indica lover’s wet dream. According to the breeder, we can expect it to yield a phenomenal amount per plant and to have an unmistakable kush taste.

Heritage: Critical Mass x OG Kush Critical Mass:

Critical Mass: The legendary seed bank Mr Nice brought together heavy Afghani heritage and the original Skunk#1 when breeding Critical Mass and the resulting heavy yield from a strain formerly known as big bud is no surprise.

OG Kush: Despite being known as the backbone of many West Coast varieties, the genetic make-up of OG Kush is still somewhat a mystery. OG is famed for its ability to relieve stress with a euphoric high while carrying an aroma of earthy pine and sour lemon that has become the signature of OG Kush and its decedents.

Critical Kush (Regular) Strain information:

This vigorous indica is a powerful plant and a part of the exclusive selection of strains that Barney’s farm has released as regular. Expect up to 20% THC levels and an indoor flowering time of 7 – 8 weeks. Due to its Critical Mass heritage, this Kush produces a heavy yield, with the breeder stating that an outdoor harvest will bring 700 – 800 grams per plant. We expect this one to be popular with medical users as it weights in it at 100% indica. A noteworthy point is that the side branches might need extra support as this plant will grow heavy dense buds that will be packed with potency.

Where to buy?

The feminized form of this was a best seller so expect demand to be high for the regular version too. Luckily for you, the luckiest cannabis seed shopper, you are in luck. You can get yours from your reliable partner in seeds, the Amsterdam Seed Center with 10% OFF for this week only.