Regular Cannabis Seeds!

Regular cannabis seeds (Regs) is the term applied to non-feminized seeds that produce either male or female cannabis plants, in a natural ratio. That being said, Regs are not really suitable for a direct seed-to-harvest crop, because there won’t be only female plants and, as said before, only female plants will produce flowers (buds). Regular Seeds are mostly used to breed new cannabis cultivars (strains) or for the selection of mother-plants for cloning purposes. For a homogeneous harvest with all your desired phenotype requirements, regular cannabis seeds are recommended for the selection process of a female motherplant. If you want to bypass the selection process and the identification of males and females in the pre-flowering phase, and just grow directly from seed to harvest, you should consider feminized cannabis seeds or autoflowerering cannabis seeds

When regular seeds are grown they produce both male and female cannabis plants, by removing the male plants early in the flowering-phase you can assure that fertilization does not occur. If you leave the male plants, fertilization will certainly occur because pollen (produced by the males) will end up on the female flowers, this is called open-pollination and the result is a seed crop. Regular seeds are an excellent choice for first-time or novice botanists, they just require a few more steps in the cultivation-process. 

Regular seeds as a singular strain can also be ‘fused’ with other strains to create new strains. Combining two strong strains produced from regular seeds can lead to new hybrid strains with more desirable characteristics (like: bigger yields, complex terpene profiles, faster trichome development etc.) whilst maintaining the potency from the original strains, making this a popular choice for ‘experienced growers’ and cannabis breeders. 

Try some of the following great regular strains:

the purps - bc bud depot crumbled lime karma squad Northern Lights 

Buying your ‘Regular Seeds’ from the Amsterdam Seed Center gives you the best opportunity to make a success of your (first) growing/breeding/selection process, with all the support you need. The Amsterdam Seed Center has a number of experts available who are able to advise and help in order to grow the strongest and most successful crop. Not only for the novice growers but also for the experienced growers, all our customers can count on support before, during and after the buying process. ASC provides advice and guidance on available Cultivars, optimum ‘growth conditions’ and multiple methods for a consistent and healthy crop.