Legal Medicinal marijuana in Germany

Chronically ill patients in Germany may, subject to conditions, grow their own cannabis for consumption to relieve pain. This has a court in Koln determined last Tuesday.

The court ruled against the medical authorities in a case of five patients by, who were refused to grow their medicine at first.

The judge ruled three of the five complainants in the their favor and determined the medical authorities should reconsider their refusal, reported the newspaper Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger.

Use of cannabis – as well ascultivation - is illegal in Germany. However, about 270 people are allowed to buy the drug in pharmacies because no other effective treatment is available for their condition, usually pain. The public authority BfArM, who issues permits, finds home growing unsafe. It could be that patients insufficiently secure their homes.

The attorney for the chronically ill patients keeps in mind that the state is going for appeal and against the decision of last Tuesday.

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