The FlashVape comes with two lithium-ion batteries with quite the capacity. One 'powerpack' will last for vape after vape and than, when it's finally empty, just stick it on the charger and use the other one.

The unit looks and feels rock solid and bullit prove, a little bit, actually a lot like a Maglite. It works the same way; bullet prove. Every time you hit that little silver button, it's vaping time in a matter of seconds!

A lot of pro's and we would almost say, no cons, exept for one... That glass tube... We'd rather seen a steel or maybe rubber piece.

Amsterdam Seed Center crew rated the FlashVape a 8,5 on a scale from 1 to 10.

Buy the FlashVape in our webshop or visit our shop at Gravenstraat 12 in Amsterdam to test it your self!

What FlashVape® Canada says:

FlashVAPE™ is the fastest working vape on the market today, each puff done in 5 seconds flat!

You will be impressed with its many advantages over the competition:

  • "F-A-S-T !This vape gets the job done in under 5 seconds each puff... it works seriously fast!
  • No warm up time required, starts to work instantly!
  • Organics & Solid Concentrates.... 'hello!
  • So easy to use, if you can count to 5, you know how to use this vape!
  • Beautiful sleek design and available in a varity of colors
  • Solid construction, made with precision machined, 100% anodized aluminum alloy body, 100% ceramic core, and polished stainless steel power-on button... it's quality you can touch!
  • Large capacity ceramic bowl measures 1" or 2.5cm diagnally, designed to hold lots of your favorite blends or solid concentrates for a satisfying session!
  • Replaceable Screen: the stainless steel top screen of the heating element can be easily replaced for consistant performance over time.
  • "S-A-F-E !" We take safety seriously. This vape is built with safety in mind, including the below safety factors:
    • Safe Air Path: in designing the best vape on the market, we ensured that the air flow path of this unit is 100% sealed and isolated from working components such as battery, wiring, switches etc. to ensure that each puff is 100% clean!
    • Safe Batteries: in selecting the right battery for this vape, we were sure to choose one that is not only high in capacity, but is also one of the safest type of rechargable Lithium's (LiFePo4 18650 on the market today!
    • Safe Ceramic Core: the heart of this awesome vape is a 100% ceramic core with stainless steel heating element. All your vaping materials will come into contact with inside the FlashVAPE is ceramica and stainless steel for the utmost safety & clean taste!
    • Safe Operation: with main power on-off switch in the base to ensure no accidental, unintended power-on time.
  • Extended use time: the FlashVAPE is so efficient that each fully charged battery will power through 2-3 bowls each session!
  • Easy to clean: this vape can be taken apart and cleaned easily with features like the removable tempered glass see-through window, and can be isopropyl alcohal dipped (upto the base of the ceramic core, including the stainless steel heating element) for easy cleaning!
  • Two Year international warranty


    ..... awesome!