Females only please!

There are several methods of growing your own crop of cannabis. You can start with feminized seeds, with regular seeds (from males & females, to the selection of a female mother plant, to clones) or from clones from a (already selected) female plant. Whatever your choice is, these methods are all capable to produce a crop of cannabis for own consumption. Cannabis clones are copies from another plant, this means that they are exact the same genetics and gender as the source plant, but clones will have some limitations on adapting to new specific grow-environments. If you decide to make your own cannabis clones for a homogeneous harvest, you should consider regular cannabis seeds. Regular seeds will produce male and female plants and you will have to select the female plant (because only feminine plants will produce flowers/buds) with all the desired requirements and make her your ‘motherplant’ (all the clones that you are going to use will be taken from this motherplant so you can guarantee an uniform harvest).

Feminized seeds (Fems) are guaranteed to only produce female plants, because they are specifically bred for this reason; NO BOYS ALLOWED! Growing cannabis from feminized seeds will bypass the hassle with males and the whole selection process; this comes in handy especially when growers are limited by space (keeping a motherplant requires more space). With Fems you will be able to grow your favorite genetics directly from seed to harvest!

The flowers from feminised plants should not contain any seeds since there are no males around that can pollinate the flowers. But in some cases the end product from feminized seeds (and also from females coming from regular seeds) does contain seeds, also known as ‘bagseeds’. The reason for this could be the presence of hermaphroditic plants (due to Plant-Stress!), coming from hermaphroditic tendencies in the genetic make up of the specific plants. Hermaphroditic cannabis plants are plants that exhibit both male and female characteristics on the same plant, containing both male and female sex organs that allow the plant to pollinate itself (self pollination/inbreeding) during flowering. 

Buying feminized cannabis seeds from a supplier such as the Amsterdam Seed Center ensures that you get high quality and viable seeds, which have the highest possible germination rate and which are stored cool and dry in our special refrigerators. The Amsterdam Seed Center also gives you the opportunity to speak with our in-house cannabis experts on how to cultivate your crop in the most effective way, giving you advice on the best ‘genetics/cultivars’, ‘growing conditions’, ‘fertilization’, ‘pest management’, ‘soil & canopy management’ and ‘lighting & heat conditions’.