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Pick and Mix - Somango#47 - Feminised - Feminizadas -

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This plant is called to be a classic, though maybe it al-
ready is. Massively tested thanks to YERBA magazine,
now we launch the commercial version forced by people’s
pressure. So called in the forums as “THE BEAST”, now
you can find out why.

10,50 €
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Pick and Mix - Somango#47 - Feminised - Detalles

Somango#47 is a combination of the two plants most productive and strong
we have selected for years. Is a new generation hybrid that was massively
tested in colaboration with YERBA Magazine. Our web colapsed with
messages and photos, and was named THE BEAST in the forums. Somango#47
is called to be a classic, though maybe it already is

From seedling it will amaze with a compact development and an exhibi-
tion of its particular beauty. Shows an interesting complexity in the branches
structure and development. Will get a bushy round like form, aquiring great
volume very early. It has a very short internodal distance that will form
strong branches that will keep up with the weight of the big flowers. The size
and colour of the leaves are something noticeable.

AROMA: Elegant sensation of fruity liquor with burnt notes to even earth
and stone touch. Its dense and sweet smoke will make full use of the room
for a while, creating a sensational atmosphere.
TASTE: energic attack and surrounding flavour, we notice a thick and velvet
sweetness that will last long.
EFFECT: Strong and fast euphoric sensation, clear for a predominant
indica. Long lasting, the desired effect of the indica growers.

Información adicional

Sexo Feminizadas
Tipo de floración Fotoperíodo
THC Content High THC (15-20%)
CBD Content Medium
Producción Media
Plant Height Medium

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