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Pick and Mix - Moby Dick#2 - Feminised

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It is more productive than the first version of Moby Dick. It has a very powerful effect, therefore, this variety is not recommended for non-experimented consumers.

In 2005 we introduced Moby Dick into the market and it immediately became a seed which produced passion among cultivators.  the years have passed and it has become the most well-known variety in our catalogue. For this reason, over the past few years some private cultivators have been demanding another Moby Dick.
Although the majority aren’t able to say exactly what they would change in this variety, the general opinion was that the new one should be more productive. As it has a very powerful effect, this variety is not recommended for non-experimented consumers. The increase in productivity is more noticeable in Mediterranean climates - as the sun is the principle factor which marks the difference- or in indoor cultivation, where the plants are always intensely fed and well-illuminated. If we want to take advantage of the full power of this variety, it will have to recieve all the fertilizer it needs, as well as abundant light – about 800w per m2 -, or it should be placed in a sunny area in
summer. Equally important is to make sure it gets abundant feeding, particularly when receiving many hours of direct light, for example,  2.00 Ec with a continuous supply of all the macro or microelements. Special care must be taken with levels of iron, magnesium and zinc. the ideal ph level for avoiding problems absorbing iron in Hydroponic cultivation is  5.5, increasing to ph 6.0 if cultivating in soil. Harvesting is similar to its sister-plant, between the 10 – 25 October. It ismoderately resistant to fungus caused by excess moisture in autumn.

Banco de semillas No
Sexo Feminizadas
Variedad No
Tipo de floración Fotoperíodo
Tiempo de floración (interior) No
THC Content High THC (15-20%)
CBD Content Medium
Producción Media
Plant Height Medium
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