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Pick And Mix - Cum Laude - Feminised - Feminizadas -

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The jewel in the crown, according to Mr Escohotado,
spanish writer and philosopher. Sublime heavenly in-
toxication. Vertiginous brain activity, taking you to the
place were dreams are born.

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Pick And Mix - Cum Laude - Feminised - Detalles

Cum laude is a triple hibridization of pure sativas. Some elite clones
were given to us with the intention of working in selective crosses to create a stable line of pure sativa.

Will grow very fast from the very beginning with a typical fir pattern. Pruning during growth will change this pattern to a candelabrum. That’s why we
advise to shorten the growing period. Long internodal distance with a strong
structure that will keep with the weight of the big flowers. Average amount of
leafs, extremely thin of a light green color. Buds will look like thick and
dense wheatstalks, covered with an oily layer of tricomes.
AROMA: The living plant smells aniseed with lavender notes. Complex aroma
that will develop acquiring deepest notes of coffee and exotic species. Dry
flowers will sharpen these and will impregnate the room. We will easily
recognise it due to its singularity.SABOR: EUREKA! This is the point,
sativa lovers... Long lasting flavour with many terpenes and terpenoids (pino-
nello, limonello...) if you don’t like it we can say you don’t like sativas. Strong earthy notes with hotspicy sensations.
Extreme dry mouth and flavour that last for long.
EFFECT: Inmediate clean high, long and pleasurant, where the mind accelerates
and can lead to high creative moments.
Without a doubt, a haze that will
amuse the exotic sativa lovers.

Información adicional

Sexo Feminizadas
Tipo de floración Fotoperíodo
THC Content Very High THC (over 20%)
CBD Content Medium
Producción Media
Plant Height Medium

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