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Sweet Seeds is a modern seed bank specializing in the recruitment and retention of new lines feminised cannabis high quality, including varieties autoflowering. From a selected Genetic Library cannabis result of years of search and selection worked on the design of new upbringings.

All varieties of Sweet Seeds are especially sweet, aromatic and palatable. Our genetics are fully adapted for both the requirements of the crop outside and inside with artificial lights. Easy to grow varieties, productive and very aromatic.

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Opciones de compra

  1. Feminizadas (24)
  1. Mayormente Indica (1)
Tipo de floración
  1. Fotoperíodo (13)
  2. Autofloreciente (11)
Tiempo de floración (interior)
  1. 6-7 semanas (1)
THC Content
  1. Low THC (5-10%) (1)
  2. High THC (15-20%) (14)
  3. Very High THC (over 20%) (1)
  4. Unknown THC (8)
CBD Content
  1. Low (1)
  2. Medium (23)
  1. Media (24)
Plant Height
  1. Medium (23)
  2. Short (1)
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Rating 3.82 de 5 (15935 votos)
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