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UBUNTU HERBALS - Pure Caps - 1g CBD - 10pills

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Our ‘Pure Caps’ contain CBD-isolate sourced and tested in Colorado. Ubuntu Herbals’ CBD-isolate comes from selectively bred organic hemp crops. All our CBD is third party tested by Fundación Canna in Spain, making us one of the most reliable CBD sources in Europe. 


Ingredients: Pure Cannabidiol (CBD-isolate) in capsules

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UBUNTU HERBALS - Pure Caps - 1g CBD - 10pills - Product Information

For thousands of years humans have used herbs not only to heal the body, but also to purify the spirit and bring balance into their lives and their surroundings. They learned about the healing powers of herbs and other plants through ancestry and passed civilizations.

We believe that humans, animals and plants have co-existed in harmony for millennia, providing us with the tools for life and natural mechanisms for health. Ancestral healing has showed us proof that the properties of all herbs can cure any ailments that put us out of balance from this harmony, because our bodies are naturally attuned to the complex chemistry within plants.


Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic (Indian) Medicine and Traditional African Medicine inspired Ubuntu Herbals to bring back Ancient Remedies to our Modern Society, or better said: Our Current Lives. The historic applications of Cannabis, Turmeric, Elderberry, Ginger and other herbs are validated and proven by scientific research relating to health effects of these herbals.


UBUNTU means “I am, because WE are” but also it represents the relations between all living things to be prosperous. UBUNTU stands for Unity and Empathy, an elder in Africa once said: “If it’s not good for everyone, it is not good at all”. UBUNTU is a philosophy, a way of life!


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