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Dinafem is a seed bank selling worldwide the best selection of cannabis seeds, our own and others seed banks. From our origins as growers, we have researched the genetics of many plants to produce our own seeds, appreciated world wide.

Dinafem Works in a rigorous, creative and passionate manner to offer you the highest quality seeds. We are confident on our product. Dinafem´s seeds are 100% guaranteed.

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  1. Feminised (27)
Type of flowering
  1. Photoperiod (18)
  2. Autoflowering (9)
  1. Medium THC(10-15%) (11)
  2. High THC(15-20%) (9)
  3. Very High THC (over 20%) (1)
  4. Unknown (5)
CBD Content
  1. Medium (27)
  1. Average (27)
Plant Height
  1. Medium (27)
Customer Satisfaction
Score 3.79 out of 5 (30788 reviews)
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