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Marionberry Kush is a great hybrid with a smooth and fruity flavor.

While the plants stay rather short, they produce such fat buds that the branches need some kind of support.

By crossing Raspberry Kush and Space Queen, TGA Subcool created an extremely potent variety that induces a very intense high.

This kick-ass weed requires only 55-65 days of flowering.

Marionberry is a kush hybrid. Most phenotypes will grow as a typical short to medium kush, with a large broad leaf structure.

Berries are the first thing that come to mind when describing the aroma of her. It is a true blend of a fruit salad aroma with a bit of musky funkiness that comes through, resembling her sister, Cinderella 99. The taste is smooth and fruity, with a clean, crisp, earthy exhale.

Marionberry's high comes on quick, first feeling it behind the eyes, moving into the forehead. You can almost feel it tightening your eyebrows.

Once the initial high has set in, it's a steady mild high great for day time activities with a true functionable experience.

Phenotypes: There are six main phenotypes. All have similar fruit smells, some heavier than others with a range from passionfruit, raspberry, and a romulan earth under tone. Almost every phenotype will have some variation of purple, pink, and light green with drips of sugars.

More Information
SeedbankTGA Genetics
VarietyHybrid (40/60 - 60/40)
Type of floweringPhotoperiod
Flowering time (indoors)8-9 weeks
THCVery High THC (over 20%)
CBD contentLow
Plant HeightMedium
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