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It takes 10 seconds to fall in love with the Firefly; the time it takes for your first puff. Its modern sophisticated electronics go hand in hand with a refined, timeless beauty to create an unparalleled vaporizer that looks, feels and tastes luxurious.

The Firefly is heralded as simply ‘portable perfection’. All components and features are implemented with breath-taking elegance. It takes ten seconds to fall in love with the Firefly – the time it takes for your first puff.

Co-creator Mark Williams was a designer at Apple before he gave up his job in pursuit of his dream. He teamed up with Sasha Robinson, a Silicon Valley developer and the two toiled for two years to design the Firefly to their own lofty quality standards.

Their labour of love paid off. The Firefly’s modern sophisticated electronics go hand in hand with a refined, timeless beauty to create an unparalleled vaporizer that looks, feels and tastes luxurious.

This could be the only portable vaporizer you’ll need for years to come!

The wait is over

At the press of a single button the high-powered lithium-ion battery heats up the bowl in just ten seconds. The battery provides up to 50 draws per charge and can be recharged in 45 minutes.

Don’t want to wait for the recharge? The battery can be swapped out for an additional piece while you recharge it with an external charger (charger and extra battery are available separately).

Vintage style

The polished aluminium chassis and stainless steel path are reminiscent of classic American cars: sleek, shiny and strikingly beautiful. Once turned on, you’ll see the heating chamber emit a warm orange glow. This effect is what gave the Firefly its name.

Made to last

The Firefly measures approximately 14 cm and can be held and operated comfortably with one hand. The entire unit warms up when in use, which feels like holding a warm river stone.

The Firefly is heavier than it looks, in a good way: it’s solid and as long as you’re a bit careful is guaranteed to last for years. The manufacturer provides a five year warranty.

Easy loading & cleaning

Take off the magnetic lid and you have full access to the bowl to fill it with your herbs of choice. This also gives you complete access to the vapour path on the back of the lid, making it a breeze to brush clean after a vaporizing session.

Pure flavour

Quality and consistency of the vapour is the main focus of the Firefly. The vapour path consists of a borosilicate glass heating chamber and stainless steel air path.

Coupled with the powerful convection heating, the Firefly delivers only the richest, most pure flavours.

How to use the Firefly

Remove the magnetic lid by lifting up in either of the finger wells on the sides of the Firefly. Load your favourite herb into the bowl and replace the lid. Note: pack the heating chamber loosely to the brim. For best results, use finely ground (but not dusty) material.

Slide the power switch to the left. The LED will turn solid green. Press and hold the heating button for 5 seconds before inhaling. Continue to press and hold the button while inhaling for about 10 seconds. The longer you inhale, the richer the vapour.

Firefly contents

  • Firefly vaporizer
  • AC adapter
  • Cleaning kit
  • Carrying bag
  • User manual
  • Warranty: 5 years
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Firefly Vaporizer

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