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Chocolope 256 from DNA Genetics is a remarkable Sativa-dominant strain. Created by crossing Chocolope, a multiple Cannabis Cup winner, with the Emerald Winning Cut of Lemon Skunk, this strain offers a fresh twist on two classic favorites. With these exceptional parent genetics, Chocolope 256 promises a unique experience for both new and seasoned growers. These regular cannabis seeds are bound to impress with their superior quality and outstanding results.

Plant Appearance

Chocolope 256 plants grow tall and lush, showcasing vibrant green leaves and a strong, sturdy structure. The plants are visually stunning, with dense, frosty buds that glisten with trichomes. As they mature, the buds develop a beautiful contrast of deep green and bright orange pistils. This vigorous Sativa strain thrives in various environments, making it an ideal choice for growers seeking both beauty and resilience.

The Taste & Smell

Chocolope 256 offers a delightful aroma that combines the rich, chocolatey notes of Chocolope with the zesty, citrus scent of Lemon Skunk. The flavor profile is equally impressive, featuring a blend of sweet chocolate and tangy lemon. Each inhale brings a burst of these complementary flavors, creating a sensory experience that is both refreshing and satisfying. The unique taste and smell of Chocolope 256 make it a standout among other cannabis seeds.


The effects of Chocolope 256 are both stimulating and relaxing, providing a balanced high that is perfect for any time of day. With a high THC content, this strain delivers an energizing cerebral buzz that enhances creativity and focus. At the same time, the Lemon Skunk genetics introduce a soothing body high that eases tension and promotes relaxation. This combination makes Chocolope 256 ideal for users seeking a versatile and enjoyable experience.

Growing Characteristics/Yield

Chocolope 256 is a grower’s dream, with a flowering time of just 9 weeks. These cannabis seeds are known for their robust growth and impressive yields, producing 350-400 g/m² of high-quality buds. The plants are relatively easy to cultivate, making them suitable for both novice and experienced growers. Whether grown indoors or outdoors, Chocolope 256 consistently delivers bountiful harvests of potent, aromatic flowers. Investing in these cannabis seeds is a surefire way to enjoy a fruitful and rewarding growing journey.




More Information
Seedbank DNA Genetics
Gender Regular
Variety Mostly Sativa
Type of flowering Photoperiod
Flowering time (indoors) 8-9 weeks
THC Very High THC (over 20%)
CBD content Low
Yield High
Plant Height Tall
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