HAPPY NEW YEAR DEAR CANNAFRIEND!!! We are already in the year 2017 and I would like to wish everyone a Blessed, Greener and Healthier year! Which seeds did you grow last year? I grew out quite some seeds from the Amsterdam Seed Center, my personal stash and a handful of unreleased seeds that were gifted to me. In this edition I want to share my findings and experiences with you, that’s why I made a ‘Esje-Herb top-5 Cultivars of 2016’. What has to be said here is that everything is depending on personal taste and expectations, but from my experience I really believe that everyone who loves cannabis should try these cultivars and I will explain/show why. 


1)    Sour Power OG by The KarmaSquad (Karma Genetics x Hortilab)

2)    Karmarado OG by The KarmaSquad (Karma Genetics x Cannarado)

3)    Wappa by Paradise Seeds

4)    24K Gold aka Kosher Tangie by DNA Genetics/Reserva Privada

5)    Durban Poison by Dutch Passion


#1 Sour Power OG by The Karmasquad (regular) – This cultivar is the proof (for me) why regular cannabis seeds have more potential than feminized seeds, in my opinion. The flowers of these genetics by Karma Genetics & Hortilab, came out super dense, rockhard, purplish; looking like bud that came straight out of California. I took her to 9,5 week with a 2 week flush and dried the complete plant upside down before curing her. Sour Power OG only comes in regular seeds, so I first had to separate the males from the females before flowering her out. I vegged the seeds for 2 weeks under LED and took some cuts, which I putted straight into flower. After 10 days the clones showed sex and I knew which ones I had to throw out, NO MALES ALLOWED! I cultivated this strain before it got released to the public and all I got to say is just WOW! Not much different phenotypes and a very stable cultivar. My Sour Power OG got smoked by B-Real of Cypress Hill and his crew, and also by Julian Marley, both asking for more. So guess I could say they really liked it! Super gassy, fuely and with a powerful Body-STONED! This cultivar really shows her Sour Power charasterics in taste and smell, mixed with original kush terps coming from the Bikerkush, pure pungentness (if that’s even a existing word) blended in a “chemical-gass-cocktail”! If you can handle an extremely strong and pungent smoke that takes over your whole body this is the strain to go with. Just try it yourself! Like KarmaSquad said: “Winner x Winner = Double Winner!”



#2 Karmarado OG by The Karmasquad (feminized) - Feminized strain of the year 2016, from my experiences. From seed to finish it seemed like you did all the hard work on selection from regulars yourself. But the thing is you didn’t have to, because Karma & Cannarado already did this for you! This cultivar from feminized seeds, until the end (harvest & smoke) is just phenomenal. I was never really impressed with feminized OG-kush strains, Scotts OG by Rare Dankness came the closest to my ‘OG-expectations’, but Karmarado OG surpassed all the previous feminized OG’s in my garden. The growing pattern of the plants, the (almost) phenotypes, the density, the stickiness, the smell, the taste, the everything, is what I wanted to see in an OG Kush-strain. It makes sense because in this cross you can find famous OG-cultivars: Triangle Kush, SFV OG and White OG. So if you want to be sure that you end up with connoisseur grade OG from fem seeds, Karmarado OG will KNOCK you the F OUT! 


KarmaRado OG 1 KarmaRado OG 2

#3 Wappa by Paradise Seeds (feminized) – This is the greatest overall strain from feminized seeds in my book for 2016. I have grown her and seen her growing several times and every time she surprised me with her outstanding results. Wappa is suitable for everyone to grow; from not experienced to experienced growers, everyone can make a nice smoke out of her. Wappa really makes sure she expresses herself to maximum potential, give her some love, attention and water and I can assure you she will be one of the most beautiful and strongest ladies in your garden. She lets you chill and enjoy her complete cycle because she does (almost) all the hard work herself, finishing in 7-8 weeks. Hardly anything can go wrong with Wappa in my experience, she is a very resistant and stable cultivar with very equal phenotypes. She is a great hash-cultivar (yes I also made bubblehash with her and from this experience I can tell you: this strain is an Explosion of Lemon Terpenes!) and when smoking her she reminds you of sweet lemon candy.


Wappa 1 Wappa 2 Wappa 3

#4 24K Gold aka Kosher Tangie by DNA Genetics (feminized) - coming from a few promotion-packs of DNA Genetics, I was beyond impressed with this overpowering super stinky cultivar, I could easily say smelliest strain of 2016. The few (very little) different phenos were big stable yielders, without signs of hermaphrodites and a smell so pungent it made me nauseous after a while in the garden. I could really smell the Tangie- and Kosher- terps and recognize the familiar 24K-aroma in there, since I smoked 24K several times (from other cultivators). Expect a ‘Carbon Filter Killer’ in your garden that finishes in around 9-10 weeks, I took the ladies to 10 weeks with a 3 week flush, resulting in a heavy sticky trichome- madness ready for harvest. After drying the plants for 14 days, the bud was ready to get test-smoked. Final test scores: 10/10. 24K is a very pungent/penetrating smoke, with every inhale you feel a powerful thick smoke entering your lungs and you already know this will get you wasted! Wherever and whenever you light up, the whole room/place will be stinking like sour oranges with ‘Diesely’ aftertones, a mix of orange-peel, fuel and exotic spices. Caution: Not for the fainthearted; extremely strong effect that will keep you high&stoned for hours!


24K 1 24K 2

#5 Durban Poison by Dutch Passion (feminized) – the greatest outdoor strain of 2016. In the Amsterdam Seed Center I always get the question what cultivar would be suitable to grow outside in Dutch weather. I found the answer in this strain and that’s why she made it into my Top-5. DP is an Dutch-outdoor dream, growing very tall and extremely resistant against molds and pests. Durban is one of few cultivars that could finish without any problems in Dutch-outdoor-conditions; she flowers for around 8-9 weeks, finishing in the beginning of Fall (October in my garden). Expect an enormous yield of juicy buds that smell like herbal spices, hints of cloves and anise. I didn’t think she was a very strong smoke, but I didn’t expect that coming from a Dutch-outdoor crop. Durban Poison is a great all-day smoke; she tastes great, lifts you up and has a very therapeutic effect. She will always make a debut in my outdoor-garden from now on!


DP 1 DP 2