Strain of the Week - Skullcap by Karma Genetics

Strain of the Week this week is brought to you by stateside breeders Karma Genetics and we know you love Karma. We know this because Karma regulars are some of the best sellers in Amsterdam Seed Center. Known for only breeding regular seeds, Karma’s work usually appeals to the experienced grower; but we all have to start somewhere, so don’t let that put you off. Growing regular seeds is the best way to start your own seed library.

Heritage:  Sour Headstash x Biker Kush

Sour Headstash is a twist that adds fuel to the already complex and cup winning Headstash, which is derived from a three-way cross of Girl Scout Cookies, Cannarado’s Cherrie Pie and a KarmaRado OG male, and then for good measure, it was crossed with Karma’s Biker Kush.

Karma has then taken Sour Headstash and crossed it with Biker Kush to really benefit from the pure Kush effect that Biker is capable of producing.

Skullcap Regular – Strain information

The genetic variation of this strain will have many growers clearing space in their gardens; the personal selection that will be possible from this strain is a selection opportunity many growers will not want to miss.

Not much has been said about Skullcap by the breeder but we can expect it to flower within 9 – 10 weeks and to be top heavy in THC, registering in the high 20’s. The breeder hasn’t told a lot about the initial runs but when you have a reputation like Karma, you don’t work the hard sell, the genetics sell by themselves.

For the growers we speak to in Amsterdam Seed Center, Karma is regularly on the tip of their tonques. The diversity and quality of their strains have within ten years elevated Karma to the top of the class while gaining the respect of their peers.

Where to buy?

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