Strain of the Week - Ghost Train Haze #1

Amsterdam Seed Center Strain of the Week is brought to you courtesy of Rare Dankness. Although the company is less than a decade old, Rare Dankness have been collecting and preserving cannabis seed genetics for over 30 years. In that spirit on the block, this week is Ghost Train Haze #1.


A point worth noting is that all of the Ghost Train Series are Original OG clone only varieties that were collected by the Devils Harvest crew at the turn of this decade. Rare Dankness holds the Ghost cut and has been putting it to work; with results that please the masses.

Nevils Wreck x Ghost OG

Nevils Wreck:

Nevils Wreck is a Sativa dominant that has a reputation for lifting depression and sharpening the appetite. Leafly has stated that some phenotypes have manifested a more indica like heaviness to them.

Ghost OG:

It is common knowledge that Ghost OG comes from a cut of an OG Kush clone only variety, but our cannabis seed enthusiast here in the Amsterdam Seed Center has suggested that it is (OG Kush BX (Chemdawg Aka. OG kush) X Hindu Kush). What is known for sure about Ghost OG is that she has won her awards and is a well-respected player in consumer circles.

Ghost Train Haze #1

The heritage of this GTH#1 is enough to make most enthusiastic growers make space in their personal gardens to give her a run. Make no mistake about GTH#1; she is one of Rare Dankness most popular products. It is a shock to no one why that is. Ghost Train Haze #1 provides a revved up high and a plant that delivers amazingly sugary trichomes, a sour/hazy aroma and a THC level in excess of 25%. If the fact that it is dripping in heritage is not enough; GTH #1 has already bagged a number of awards including, Annual winner of High Times Strongest Strains On Earth.

Where to buy?

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