Strain of the Month - CurryLato by The Plug Seeds

Ready to be popped with a healthy 20% discount, Amsterdam Seed Center's strain of the month is brought to you by one of the freshest names in the cannabis seeds game.

Curry Lato by The Plug seed bank, who through their Barcelona smoking club and their Amsterdam coffee shop; have been the talk of weed town, is now in the breeding business. Added to that, in the year of the double European heat wave; the only thing this summer that has been higher than the Plugs customers is the thermometer in your granny's living room.

For that reason, the Plug genetics have quickly become some of the most sought after genetics by customers coming into ASC. The flowers being sold in The Plugs shops have led to a surge of customers desperate to get their hands on some of the most exclusive strains on the market and run them for themselves.


FLOWER: 8/9 Weeks
YIELD: Large
HEIGHT: Medium
THC: Very High
CBD: Low

Curry Lato hails from the legendary Gelato. Bred by the world famous COOKIE FAM, Gelato has made waves across the Atlantic and it has become the most in-demand weed on the earth and is often top of the wish lists of the growers we speak to. The Plug took that Gelato and crossed it with their own Sherbet pheno from the Bay area, the result of which is a plant with incredible structure and massive yields; that include rock hard nuggets packed full with resin.

It is no secret that the Plug Amsterdam and ASC are neighbours; but all that means is, that we have a front row seat to watch one of the hungriest breeders perfect their game and then pass on the benefits of what they learn to our customers.

These are exciting times if you've got an interest in cannabis genetics, this is personified by the work being done by new breeders like the Plug. Amsterdam Seed Center is one of only a few places you can pick up Cury Lato right now. Be one of the first to grow out this plant of fantastic lineage and do it with 20% discount because it is Amsterdam Seed Center's Strain of the Month.

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