NEW: Super Strains

Amsterdam Seed Center is super duper excited to announce that Super Strains is joining the family. 'Home of the Amnesia' has found a home at the Seed Center and we couldn't be happier to house old school genetics at sensible prices, Super Strains provides a quality that is guaranteed.

Founded in 2010, Super Strains is the evolution of another company and has decades of experiencing in preserving cannabis genetics. Currently, the Super Strains project is focusing on genetic hereditary and predictability, which is said to make a special contribution to medical applications. We take off our proverbial hats off to anyone who is dedicated to the preservation of our favourite plant.

Amsterdam Seed Center welcomes Super Strains and the Seed Center family is expecting a high demand for our latest super stock.

Which Super Strain will you select?

Amnesia: Born in 1996 when Super Strains was known as Hy -pro. The multi-award winning Amnesia is the pride of South Holland and is rightly one of the strains you will hear most about when you hear about Super Strains.

Or you might be looking in the direction of another classic old skooler in the shape of Enemy of the State: which is the result of crossing two of the most prominent strains of the late 80's and early 90's. It has a stronger resistance than anything you'd see in a Star Wars movie and is the fastest flowering variety in the Super Strains collection.

Get yours:

Whichever strain you choose you to know it will be super. Not only is it in the name, Amsterdam Seed Center would stock nothing less than excellence.