The recipe for the preparation of cannabis is a recipe where patience, love and attention are the most important ingredients. All right, water, light and soil should not be left out of the recipe either, but all these basic ingredients are necessary. Without any love for the plant it will not perform optimally. Cannabis feels the love that we give (or not give) them during their entire cycle, and this special plant is constantly connected to us. Subsequently the following ingredients may be added to prepare cannabis at home in an easy way.


Homebox 80 x 80 x 160 cm




Lumatek Ballast 400 W



400 W lamp




 philips son t





Switch box/Relay box/Timer



Davin relaiskast 

Hangers for reflector



hortiline hangers 

3x 11 Liter pots


11 liter pot 

50 Liter Light-Mix (BioBizz or another brand)



biobizz lightmix 

Feed: Grow, Bloom, Boost (own choice brand)




 Voeding NPK

Mini clip Fan 



 Hortiline mini clip fan

Digital Hygro-Thermometer



Hortiline hygro thermo meter 

Ventilation-set (Carbon filter with motor)

PK Tube Fan & Active Carbon Filter Professional Line



ventilatie set 

Hortinet 80x80



hortinet 80 


Or just purchase a complete set, where all the parts listed above are included (see image).






Preparation method:

  1. Connect all the parts above according to the supplied instructions/manuals (instruction booklet or website of concerning part).
  2. Check out and select a genetic that entirely meets your needs and requirements. For beginners I recommend the dominant cannabis types, these have a shorter blooming period than sativa-dominant plants.
  3. Then click on the links below (they are chronologically listed and go hand-in-hand with the cannabis cultivating process) and read step by step what you need to do! It can't get any easier than this!
  4. Once you have chosen your seeds click this link and follow the instruction to germinate your seeds.

Link Germinating Seeds

5. Once your seeds have germinated the seedling phase will begin. You can find everything about taking care seedlings by clicking the link below.

Link Taking Care of Seedlings

6. Subsequently your seedlings will end up in the vegetative phase, in this period the plants will only grow. You can grow them as big as you like, provided that the size of the pot is adequate because big plants need a big root system. You can find the light schedule in the growing phase and other important aspects by clicking on the link below.

Link Growing Phase

7. Now that your plants have reached the desired height it is time to turn around the light schedule in order to initiate the flowering process. Depending on the genetics the plants will show a growth spurt; they'll stretch. What happens exactly and what you need to pay attention to can be found in the link below.

Link Flowering phase

8. About 2 to 3 months later the time is finally ripe: time to harvest! The best way to do that and which different ways there are can be found by clicking on the link below.

Link Harvest

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