I am blessed, that is how I want to start covering my experience in Jamaica. History was being made in Jamaica last month, and I was there, for the: HighTimes Cannabis World Cup 2015 aka Rastafari Rootzfest in Negril. It was my first time in Jamaica; a country that already had a place in my heart because of Bob Marley, Reggae, Rastafari and, yes of course, GANJA! But I never visited so you can understand that my expectations were incredibly HIGH for this event. And YES! This experience exceeded all my expectations!!! Jamaica really couldn’t get any better for me! Here are some things I enjoyed to sum it all up.

Cannabis everywhere, literally everywhere, booths where cannabis was being sold and bought in front of the police, friendly cops, live reggae music, famous reggae artists walking around on the festival (Chronixx, Jah Cure, Sean Paul, Rohan Marley and many more), Fresh Ital food and fresh juices, Fresh ice-cold Coconut Juice, Medicated Candy, Edibles, @ExoticGenetix flowers (Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies), @ExoticGenetix hash (#Cubantech Cookies & Cream drysift, Rosin Cake Badder, Drysift Rosin), Fresh Lobster, Jerk chicken, Guava juice, Smoking while watching Dolphins on a boat-trip, Enjoying Sunrise & Sunset, Dabbing in the Jacuzzi, Smoking American made flowers with the #AHHSweho family, Smoking indoor OGkush out of Kingston with @Phenofinderseeds, Chilling with @Crockett420 and @Phenotypefarmers, Picking up the Second price for @TheKarmasquad & @CaliKushFarms on stage at the HighTimes awards show, visiting Ganja-Farms in Orange Hill, making Rosin with locals, Dabbing Terps with @BcBubbleman & @Tverzura, Ital Vapor Chalice Steam session, puffing a joint with Remo @Theurbangrower, and so many more blessings in Jamaica! For an impression see all my pictures below!

Give thanks Jamaica for an incredible time!

See all the winners from the HighTImes World Cannabis Cup in Jamaica here: http://www.hightimes.com/read/winners-2015-world-cannabis-cup