Sexual CannablissCannabis and sex are nature's gifts; We (you and I) enjoy it because our bodies are built/prepared/developed for it (biological and evolutionary). In fact you can't help it that cannabis and sex feel so good and you can only become happier from it because your body even rewards you for it!

It all has to do with your brain. Your brain has receptors, receptors that need to be stimulated to improve appetite and to experience the feeling of well-being. Coincidentally (or perhaps not) these receptors are called 'the cannabinoid receptors' and they are sensitive to, yes you probably guessed it, cannabinoids such as THC. Cannabinoids are in cannabis, so you could almost assume that cannabis is essential to feel good! But that's not entirely true, think about having great sex and the feeling after. How come we feel so amazing then? What happens in those cannabinoid receptors in our brain? Well, our body also makes (before/during/after sex) a substance that imitates the effect of cannabinoids, or vice versa, cannabinoids imitate this endogenous substance. The name of this endogenous substance is Anandamide*, a neurotransmitter that looks a lot like THC and also binds to the same cannabinoid receptors. Anandamide plays a role with various psychological processes such as: pain, hunger, memory, fertility, sports (runner's high) etc. Imagine what it would feel like if anandamide AND cannabinoids get into your body simultaneously. This can only happen by using cannabis during/before/after sex, the result is: CANNABLISS!

*The word Ananda originates from Sanskrit (Old Indian language) and literally means Bliss, or happiness.


Sexing Cannabis: Create your OWN variety!

Cannabis is a plant with two ‘households’ as described by the Greek word dioecious. This refers to plants (or animals) that have sexual reproduction organs in separate individuals. In cannabis, this means that male and female flowers do not (should not) occur on the same plant. However, in reality sometimes this does happen with cannabis, and plants that doe this are referred to as hermaphrodites.

Cannabis breeding is a process I couldn't quickly describe. The rule of thumb here is: practice makes perfect. The more you practice (read: growing various genetics in large populations) the better you can control the process and are able to actually begin breeding. Breeding is a process that's been on the minds of many dedicated growers/seed developers over the years. However, you need to totally master the cultivation of cannabis first, so until then leave the breeding to the breeders!

But the interesting part is that you can actually make your own ‘variety’ by crossing your favorite species with each other.

Note: this is not 'true breeding', just randomly crossing species (without stabilizing them first). In other words you cannot get a universal kind in seed form with this method. However, by crossing plants you do get offspring where various genotypes (observable appearance regarding features) will come forward which are all a combination of your favorite kinds of plants (the selected species that you're going to cross; the parents). It is then up to you to choose which genotype has your favorite features (the best representation of the chosen parents).


Male x Female = Own Seed

Germinate 1 or more packet(s) of REGULAR seeds and make sure that you select a male and female cannabis plant (based on YOUR favorite features: strength, yield, resin production, density, structure, leaf-to-flower ratio, color etc). You do need to be able to recognize a male and female to help you on your way.

If you still can't make this distinction very well, take look back at: 12/12 Flowering. After 10 flowering days (12/12 light schedule) the cannabis plant will reveal its gender thus the timely recognizing of males and females is done via visual observations. I will also create an info-graphic for this so you will have all the necessary information to distinguish the difference between male and female plants yourself. In practice it seems as though the detection of the sex is kind of tricky. The crossing of a male and female can be done by following the steps below:

  1. Choose the desired male (as mentioned above). Choosing a male is slightly different than choosing a female because you have to pay attention to other characteristics. My advice is to select the strongest male, with the strongest smelling stem.
  2. Isolate the male from the females once the gender becomes visible (after flowering for 10 days).
  3. Place a paper bag (upside down) over a branch of the male and close off the bottom with a rip-tie. Then cut away all the other branches so no free polls can get into the air. The pollen-sacks (tiny balls near the internodes and the ends of the branches) will start to ripen and will begin to burst open. The cannabis pollen will collect in the sealed bag, so let it sit over the branch for a few days.
  4. After about 10 days a sufficient amount of pollen will be in the bag. Shake the branch once more before you take it off to ensure that all the pollen is shaken off the balls. My advice is to cut the entire branch from the plant and hold it upside down before you take off the bag. The collected pollen needs to be kept in the freezer, which will keep it viable for a few months. Warmth and moisture causes the pollen to degrade and break in the end, hence the freezer is a good storage location for cannabis pollen.
  5. For this fifth step I recommend that you watch the following YouTube video: RareDankness Scott Reach’s Pollen Control Technique. In this video Scott Reach from RareDankness shows a technique on how to pollinate a female with the collected pollen.
  6. After the pollination (if you have done the previous steps correctly and seen the video above then the pollination has taken place) the seeds will be ripe within 3-6 weeks (depending on the genetics). Harvest the seeds when they are almost bursting out of the 'calyxes' - often you'll see the dark/ripe seeds immediately.

Your own made seeds can be planted immediately again after harvest. If you want to guarantee the viability and keep the seeds for a long time, store them in a cool and dark area (in a water and air tight box in the fridge for instance).

Good luck, and if you have any questions you know where to find me!


Cannabis, a Natural Aphrodisiac

To get back to the feeling of 'CannaBliss' I will elaborate below how and why cannabis can be used so well as a natural aphrodisiac.

(Phyto-) cannabinoids can be applied transdermally, in other words it means that they can be absorbed through/via the skin. Cannabinoid receptors/receivers (receptors that respond/interact with CBD, THC, etc) can be found throughout our entirely body. This means that these cannabinoid-receivers can also locally absorb applied cannabinoids and pass them on to our immune system.

There is a high concentration of cannabis receptors in the vagina. And, as mentioned above, cannabinoids can be absorbed transdermally. This means that this specific 'area of the body' goes perfectly together with the transdermal application of cannabinoids. Want proof? In this* research it shows that the endocannabinoid system (the cannabis receptors throughout the entire body) are involved in the sexual functioning of the female.

* ‘the endocannabinoid system is involved in female sexual functioning’

Meanwhile there have been products on the market that support the above theory and proof of them working in practice. CannaBliss really exists. Foria Pleasure and Whoopi&Maya are two American companies that focus on cannabinoids and the vagina. Foria Pleasure is a mix of coconut and cannabis oil. This formula is inspired by the historic use of cannabis as an aphrodisiac used by traditional cultures throughout the world.

Whoopi and Maya

This historic application of cannabis has have been validated recently, and proven by scientific research relating to the health effects of cannabis. Foria Pleasure makes use of the complex composition of cannabis to promote relaxation and increase the blood flow so a powerful 'therapeutic aphrodisiac is created. 'For some women it may generate arousal and increases the sexual sensation so orgasms are reached more intensely, fuller and easier', the creators of Foria claim (this is also mentioned in all the Foria reviews, so look them up if you're still not convinced!).

Foria Pleasure

Then there is Whoopi & Maya, a company that's founded by a good friend of mine, Maya Elisabeth from Om Edibles, in collaboration with the legendary Whoopi Goldberg. Whoopi & Maya products are specially made for women - sorry gentlemen. The primary goal was to achieve the alleviation of menstrual symptoms.

Whoopi and Maya have been successful and their website is full of reviews of women who are more than satisfied! Ladies, are you still not convinced? Then check out my dear (and very beautiful) friend Casey (aka @indica.queen). Casey is an expert in the field of cannabis and the positive effects on the female body, so if you have questions about real-life experiences, then look her up for sure!



Make your own Cannabis Massage Oil

Unfortunately products like Foria Pleasure and Whoopi&Maya can only be purchased in the United States. Even in the Netherlands these products are deemed illegal because they contain THC. But because THC isn't the only cannabinoid that our receptors respond to, I will describe below how you can make your own (legal) Cannabis Massage Oil with CBD crystals. My advice is: Go all out and experiment, it does no harm and you can't use too much of it!

Cannabis Massage Oil Yoni

Necessary Ingredients:
Raw coconut oil, lemon grass-extract/oil and CBD-crystals from Endoca

The CBD-crystals are already decarboxylated, which means they don't have be reheated to activate the CBD; in all CBD crystal products from Endoca the CBD acids are already converted to pure/active CBD. So you only have to melt the coconut oil (for example au-bain-marie-style; hot water bath) and then add the lemon grass oil* and CBD crystals to it. Lastly, mix together. Now it's ready to use!

CBD crystals ENDOCA Royal Green Coconut Oil Lemongrass Oil

*lemon grass oil is anti bacterial, consists mainly of terpenes (synergy with cannabis) and the massage oil has a pleasant fresh scent (aromatherapy).