Strain of the Week - Lemon Tart

LEMON TART - Cali connection

This week’s strain of the week is brought to you from Californian pioneers of the cannabis industry Cali Connection. 15 years of breeding custom strains and striving to bring the best from Norcal and SoCal; Cali Connection continues to grow in an industry that seems to be forever in bloom.

On the block today, we have Lemon Tart. Not much is known about Lemon Tart, as we are still waiting to hear back from the first runs; the heritage this baby's got, has got us drooling at the prospect of what she will bring to the dinner table.

Cali Connection took a Wedding cake clone and crossed it with a Super Lemon Haze reversed female. Not only is it crossed with a world famous sativa, but, according to the breeder, Lemon tart will have a solid yield and will be great for extraction. To add to that, she will have high terpene content but will be a fast grower, so expect a quick fragrant run with Lemon tart.

Heritage: Wedding Cake x Super Lemon Haze

Wedding cake: Wedding cake is a genetic cross from the GSC family and Cherry Pie with certain farms reporting that crops of Wedding cake have contained upwards of 25% THC content.

Super Lemon Haze: A strain in need of no introduction, Super Lemon Haze is famous for its real lemony character, suggesting that the SLH aspect will dominate your taste buds when you sink your teeth into Lemon tart.

Lemon Tart Strain information:

There is relatively little known about Lemon Tart but the breeder has told us that she will flower in 69/74 days (that’s 9 to 10 weeks for those too high to do the math). She comes feminized and is a 65/35 satvia dominant.

Where to buy?

Lemon tart has quickly become sought after and the good news is you can get yours from your reliable partner in seeds at the Amsterdam Seed Center with 10% OFF for this week only! Happy growing!