5 year anniversary ascIt's already been five years ago, five years since we first opened our doors in the heart of Amsterdam. That's why we are celebrating our five year anniversary this month at Amsterdam Seed Center & Paradise Seeds, and of course we don't want to exclude you from it! We want to thank YOU for your continuous support, that's why we are giving away a lot of things in the month of July, and the only thing you have to do for it is: READ ON!

We have become a staple in the cannabis scene since, in Europe we are the only store with a webshop, where we offer an extensive range of seeds. With us you will find seeds from both European and American brands. Additionally, we ensure that our seeds are in top condition since all seeds are stored cold. Aside from the fact that you are at the right place for all popular seed brands, we are also the flagship store of Paradise Seeds, a company that has been active for over 22 years in the cannabis industry.

A little bit of history; It all started with one seed bank: Paradise Seeds. Subsequently it has extended to the range that we offer today. We therefore would like to take a look back on the past and the origins of the store, here's what the two founding fathers have to say:


"My name is Luke, and I have been long involved in cannabis cultivation and the breeding of cannabis strains, I am the proud founder and owner of Paradise Seeds. Paradise Seeds is well known among the foreign public and can be found in almost any grow/head shop, but didn't have its own store yet. Until five years ago, we were primarily focused on the wholesale of Paradise Seeds abroad. For quite some I had the idea to start a store for Paradise Seeds in the heart of Amsterdam, in order to bring the assortment of Paradise Seeds to the attention to an even broader audience. I wanted a seed sales point, where we could meet the end-user in person, a meeting point for breeders and enthusiasts.

It seemed like the right time for me to start a Paradise Seed store, a place with with a very pleasant vibe, where everybody could go to with questions about growing and blooming our beloved plant. This had to be a place where knowledge can be shared, where you can chill, and while enjoying a cup of coffee in the lounge corner you could also smoke a joint or pipe or use hash, where visitors can be informed about the delicious Paradise Seeds. Amsterdam didn't have a place like that, a pleasant place where you can feel at home in Amsterdam, for both locals and foreign visitors. In collaboration with my partner Erik, former manager at Dutch Passion, we have set up the store. It seemed like a good idea that we would also offer other seed brands under one roof in addition to Paradise Seeds, with of course our main brand being seeds from Paradise Seeds. A wider assortment attracts new customers, and that's why we are the most specialized store in cannabis seeds of Amsterdam 'Paradise Seeds Flagship store and 'Amsterdam Seed Center'.” – Luke.


"My love for cannabis began in the last century, when I became acquainted with cannabis for the first time at the age of 15. That began by secretly smoking a joint at the local cemetery. From that time I became a big fan of cannabis and the people in this scene. I had no idea that I would end up in the seed business myself. After wandering around as an account manager at Heineken and later as operator at Odeon, a large discotheque in the center of Amsterdam, I eventually became manager at Dutch Passion. After 5 years, the chemistry was over and I got in contact with Luc from Paradise Seeds.

Luc was looking for a good place for the Paradise Seeds Shop, and we both had the idea to create a place where cannabis lovers are able to buy a wide selection of quality seeds. A professional place where cannabis lovers, interested people, novice growers and experienced growers can be assisted by enthusiastic staff members with expertise so all customers can be given great advice. In addition to seeds, we also offer a wide range of Vaporizers, various books about growing in several languages and CBD products. July 15, 2011: we have opened the doors of Amsterdam Seed Center and the Paradise Seeds Flagship store, now five years on, the company has become a major player in both the national and international cannabis business. We are still working hard every day to expand our product range and improve our services even more in order to make the world a little bit more beautiful, pleasant and more fun!” – Erik.


The wishes of our customers are a main priority to us, hence we have constantly expanded our assortment with prominent seed brand from all over the world! From hip-American genetics to local varieties, with us you can find it all under one roof. At this moment we have 'only' 44 seed banks, because at ASC we select only the finest quality. We also have a wide range of high-end vaporizers, bubble bags, glass weed jars, medtainers and all the other smoking supplies.

If you walk into our store, yes this is an invitation to visit us if you haven't been here yet, you'll walk into a professional environment where experience, expertise and knowledge is shared. Our team consists of cannabis lovers and connoisseurs with years of experience in the industry. We know the plant inside and out, so answering questions about the entire cultivation process (from seed to flower), (medicinal) applications and all other aspects, is what we love to do! And if you would like to try out the latest vaporizers then you are more than welcome to join a vaporizer test session. 

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