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Top Tao Autoflowering Seeds - Buy your Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds online

Top Tao Seeds at Amsterdam Seed CenterTop Tao Seeds are a breeding company with a lot of history, hailing out of the Czech Republic but with a global pedigree. They spent years putting together a genetics library with plants and seeds gained from around the world, including from European sailors, visiting African students and travellers returning from India. Upon realising the potential of auto-flowering plants to bring good harvests in areas where the growing season is not long enough they quickly began to specialise. Now they are experts in providing the relatively rare regular auto-flowering cannabis strains. They believe that their fully organic grow techniques, combined with not being feminized, makes their strains far stronger and more viable than others. Come see what puts these guys at the top, check out the full Top Tao range here at SeedSupreme Seed Bank.

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  1. Regular (8)
  1. Mostly Indica (3)
  2. Mostly Sativa (2)
  3. Hybrid (40/60 - 60/40) (3)
Type of flowering
  1. Autoflowering (8)
Flowering time (indoors)
  1. 6-7 weeks (7)
  2. 7-8 weeks (1)
  1. Low THC (5-10%) (1)
  2. Medium THC(10-15%) (4)
  3. High THC(15-20%) (3)
CBD Content
  1. Low (6)
  2. Medium (1)
  3. High (1)
  1. Average (6)
  2. High (2)
Plant Height
  1. Medium (5)
  2. Short (2)
  3. Tall (1)
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