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Sour Blueberry geboren von der Kreuzung zwischen Blueberry , bekannt für seine violetten Reflexen und für seinen fruchtigen Geschmack und einen bitteren Geschmack Indica.

Sour Blueberry is a Californian variety Humboldt Seeds Bank.

Sour Blueberry born of the cross between Blueberry, well known for its purple hues and for its fruity flavor and a bitter taste Indica. The result is a more productive variety that pure line, fruity acidic and compact buds. It is a cross indicates that make you happy all the plants that you like simply by its magnificent appearance.

Sour Blueberry has a physical effect and relaxing, suitable for nervous type problems.

The cold nights are the key to bluish tones that all this variety rants searches.

Weitere Informationen
SeedbankHumboldt Seeds
SorteHybrid (40/60 - 60/40)
Art der BlütePhotoperiode
Blütezeit (drinnen)8-9 Wochen
THC-GehaltDurchschnittlich (10-15%)
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Sour Blueberry - 10PACK

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