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Resin Seeds CBD

"My name is Jaime and I am the founder and breeder of Resin Seeds. Resin seeds is a Spanish cannabis seedbank, founded in 2008. I have been active in the grow scene of Spain since 1998, when I opened one of the first grow shops of Spain in Barcelona. Since then I have been involved in the Spanish grow scene, participating in various grow shop projects and as speaker at grow seminars.

I have always been eager to learn more and expand my knowledge about my beloved plant. There are many well known breeders of the Cannabis world that are my friends and have greatly helped me to develop my strains with all kind of contributions. One of the main reasons that has pushed me to start up my own seedbank was the contact with medicinal cannabis users, contacts I had established especially via the growshops I have been managing. Patients told me the different effects they felt when using different strains and provided me with their valuable feedback. I am truly interested to get in touch with people that use Cannabis as a medicine - please send me your comments about our strains!"

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  1. Feminisierter (2)
  2. Regulär (1)
  1. Hybrid (40/60 - 60/40) (3)
Art der Blüte
  1. Photoperiode (3)
Blütezeit (drinnen)
  1. 8-9 Wochen (1)
  2. 9-10 Wochen (2)
  1. Gering (5-10%) (1)
  2. Sehr hoch (20% +) (2)
CBD Content
  1. Medium (2)
  2. High (3)
  1. Durchschnitt (2)
  2. Groß (3)
Plant Height
  1. Medium (3)
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