Strain of the Week - Magic Mango Auto

Amsterdam Seed Center presents Magic Mango Auto our Strain of Week brought to you courtesy of Dutch Delight Seeds A.K.A Dizzy Duck. Auto-flowering strains are growing in popularity and breeders are climbing over one another to breed their most popular strains into automatic form. The guys from Dutch Delight have been busy getting dizzy and have taken a popular strain and made it an auto flower.


When looking to the future we must first acknowledge the past and Magic Mango is a Dutch Delight creation that blends the best of Somango and AK47 respectively.


Known for its indica dominant genetics but its uplifting effects, it will enable the users to focus and enjoy a relaxed high.


AK47 tends to give the impression that it is an aggressive, hard-hitting smoke but that is not the case, she is a sativa dominant hybrid that tends to mellow out the user accompanied with a complex blend of flavours.  She’s been around since the early 90’s, has won numerous cannabis cups and looks set to be used for breeding projects for many years more.

Magic Mango Auto

The feminized form of Magic Mango was popular enough that Dutch guys at Dizzy Duck were delighted to create the auto-flowering version. In feminized form, she was a straight 50/50 hybrid and although a little will be sacrificed to make room for the ruderails, you can expect it to stay the same. In feminized form, she could produce a respectable yield so in an Auto form we expect her to compete with the kids in her class. As always with auto-flowering strains, the yields tend to be smaller but the plants more forgiving and lest we forget, they flower automatically.

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