Kenny the Gardner


Let me introduce myself. My name is Kenny the Gardener and I am going to let you in on a little secret... I grow weed... and I forking love it! When I say I love it, I mean really, really love it! Cultivating cannabis is my only true passion. If I could physically make love to the beauty that is the Mary Jane plant, I'd have my pants around my ankles more often than a tourist comes in Amsterdam Seed Center trying to buy weed. They sell SEEDS! For fork sake.

Anyway… that's enough about me and misguided tourists for now ;-) The reason I’m here is that the guys at Amsterdam Seed Center have quite a bit to say about today's cannabis seeds scene. And they thought I'd be the guy to help them find their voice. I was reluctant at first, because it means spending less time in my garden and I forking love spending time in my garden.

So, we had a long chat over a big, fat doobie and finally agreed it’d be best that there’s a voice that represents the ordinary grower out there, both experienced and novice. With the legalization / decriminalization of growing cannabis in many parts of the world. It’s becoming more and more cool to be a grower, and you don’t even need 76 million “friends” on the social feeders to be good grower, you just need Kenny. 

Ergo, I’ll be voicing a few opinions here and there, most probably kick some shins but all for the greater cause. I’ll be on hand to share some green-fingered tips and keep you updated with anything and everything cannabis. You can follow me and the Amsterdam Seed Center on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Happy gardening!