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Seedism - Pick a mix


Seedism is a collective of a handfull experienced growers and breeders, formed in 2004 by three friends and colleages who met at the Cannabis College in Amsterdam in 1999.
Besides working as volunteers at the Cannabis College, we also gained lots of experience while working for/with some of the best seed companys like the Flying Dutchmen, Homegrown Fantaseeds, The Greenhouse and Sensi Seeds.
We officially launched Seedism during the 2007 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam with a banging launch party in the famous red light district hosted by Cheeky Monday.

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Pick and Mix - AppleJack - Feminised


AppleJack is a quick flowering Sativa dominant plant that can finish her flowering cycle within 10 weeks and gives good yields. They adapt very well to different environments and can be grown even in smaller grow rooms.

Pick and Mix - BLZ Bud - Feminised


This extremely potent G13 hybrid will raise the standard that most growers are used to. With a THC level to make even the most hardened veterans breaking a sweat, the BLZ-Bud is a strain not to be smoked by the fainthearted.

Pick and Mix - CheeseWreck - Feminised


Imagine the wonderful smell and taste experience of the Cheese, but then combined with the extreme potency of the Trainwreck.
Trainwreck is known for its potency, the Cheese is known and loved for its smell and taste, this hybrid will give you both in one, an extremely potent strain with an intense and long lasting "cheesy" taste.

Pick and Mix - Diesel - Feminised


This NYC Diesel hybrid is a very intense strain, intense in flavor and intense in the effect.

Pick and Mix - Hippie Killer - Feminised


The Hippie Killer is Very potent, and very quick.

Pick and Mix - Killa Watt - Feminised


The Killa-Watt is a Hindukush hybrid selected for its extreme growth vigor resulting in incredible yields, perfect for growers that need uniform plants with little stretch and big buds.

Pick and Mix - White Skunk - Feminised


The White Skunk has a combination of high THC and CBD making the effect's after smoking much like being in a rollercoaster for 30 minutes followed by a freefall landing on a giant cotton wool bed, leaving you happily sedated on your sofa.

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